Camshaft Assembly Machine

The picture left shows an assembly machine for heavy truck camshafts. It is a robust an cost effecitve machine and can assemble camshafts from motorcycle up to heavy trucks with 1300 mm.

The machine and also the assembly process is patented.

UNIPART AG - your developing partner for assembled camshafts

The global automotive market for camshafts has been steadily transitioning from solid cast iron or forged steel camshafts to lightweight assembled camshafts in order to optimize performance and achieve reduced total cost for the valve train.

Assembled camshafts are extremely important components of state of the art engines, because assembled camshafts are:

  • extremely robust and durable with use of roller bearing steel cam lobes and roller rocker arms
  • allows new design features like injection and vacuum pump lobes
  • lighter compared to castings or forgings
  • drive elements or sensor rings can be placed not only on the rear side of the shaft but also in any axial position of the steel tub